Search and recovery of objects lost in Lake of Geneva

Photo plongeur

Our sophisticated and highly specialised equipment allows us to work at depth of up to 100m and recover objects weighing up-to 100kg.

Whether you have lost a watch, your glasses, a tiller, your rigging or an outboard engine there is a good chance that we can recover your property. A number of factors will affect the chances of a successful recovery:

  • Size : It does matter underwater, especially if the visibility is poor.
  • Depth : Working time reduces considerably with depth. The deeper the object, the less time can be devoted to the search. As an example, working in 10m of water will allow a diver to spend 90 minutes looking for the object. At 100m, the time available for the search is reduced to 6min.
  • The accuracy with which you can describe the area which needs to be searched.

A watch which has fallen overboard from a boat anchored in 10m of water can normally be found quite easily. The same watch lost whilst the boat is moving above 90m of water will be much more difficult to find.